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UK dropshipping since 2002 is a UK dropshipping company supplying a range of products including gadgets, games & toys offering a massive 80% mark-up on some of our items.

Having been established in 2002 you can rely on us to be around for many years to come and we are proud to have been the first choice dropshipper for thousands of members over the past 9 years.

Dropshipping is a popular method of starting a home based business via the Internet.

With minimal start-up costs, no stock to buy, no posting/packaging and no storage space required dropshipping has helped lots of people like you start trading online!

If you have always been interested in starting your own online business making some serious money in the process then please read on . . . . .

. . . . . however, I should perhaps warn you that Dropshipping is a REAL business opportunity and probably isn't suitable for anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme.

We're not saying you won't get rich, BUT there is some work involved in making money (there always is!) - we're not promising you endless riches by simply joining as a member and then sitting back doing nothing apart from counting your money.

Some online business opportunities might have you believe it is possible to make money doing nothing at all (via MLM etc) - most of those who've tried these so called get rich quick schemes will know otherwise!

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What is dropshipping?

If you've never heard of dropshipping before you may be curious to know what it is before you read any further! Put simply dropshipping is order fulfillment on your behalf. We buy all the stock, we keep storage, we package the orders, we take care of delivering the orders to your customers on your behalf.

As you can imagine there are many advantages to dropshipping as you can have access to hundreds of discounted products without buying in bulk or needing a warehouse to store all the products!

This means you can essentially start selling products online for a profit with a very limited start-up budget. As an established dropshipper we do charge a membership fee which helps keep our special prices exlusively available to members only - important to ensure we aren't undercutting you by selling directly to your customers.

Earn an extra income from home!

Dropshipping provides you with the opportunity to start your own business which can be run part-time from your own home if needed! If you've ever had the desire to work for yourself but worried about expensive start-up costs or the need to employ staff and/or rent a property then dropshipping is definately for you.

Why is dropshipping better than joining an affiliate scheme?

Affiliate schemes are another alternative to keeping your own stock as you are basically earning a commission for referring people to buy from other online shops by placing banners on your website etc. These are great but they usually only offer low rates of commission (i.e. 3%). Buying from some dropshippers allow you to make a lot more money from each sale.

For example, at you earn an average of between 40%-60% on each product sale, with some offering as much as 80% off the RRP. Of course, unlike with most affiliate schemes, you are free to choose your own selling price so it's possible to make even more profit if you were able to sell specific products for more than the RRP!

Some important questions to ask:

Although dropshipping is a great way to earn a second income it is important to note that not all "uk dropshippers" are the same. Some questions to ask yourself before signing up to any dropshipper (including are:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you run as a limited company or a sole trader?
  • Are you based in the UK?
  • What is the average disount offered on your products?
  • Do you hold your own stock?
  • Do you accept returns?
  • How much do you charge for postage & packaging?
  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • Do you charge a membership fee?
  • Is there any contract or can I cancel my membership at any time?

All these questions are answered throughout this website but to save you from searching for the answers we'll answer each question below:

How long have you been in business? has been providing a UK dropshipping service since 2002.

Are you run as a limited company or a sole trader? is owned and operated by UK Gadget Store Ltd.

Are you based in the UK?
Our unit is based in Darwen, Lancashire where our website is run from, stock is held and orders are processed.

How much money can you make selling products through dropshipping?

What is the average discount offered on your products?
Although some of our items provide 80% discount our average is between 40%-60% providing a decent mark-up for our dropshippers. There is no minimum order value required. This is an important question - ensure you ask for the average discount - many dropshippers will try telling you what the maximum discount is (even though this level of discount might only apply to ONE product!)

Do you hold your own stock?
Quite simply, yes! All our orders are picked, packed and despatched from our business. Sometimes products will be out of stock but we keep our members notified of stock shortages and expected availability dates.

Do you accept returns?
Yes, faulty items can be returned directly to us by your customer OR you may prefer to have the returns sent to your address first.

How much do you charge for postage & packaging?
We charge a standard flat rate postage of £3.95 per order to UK addresses. This includes postage, packaging and handling fees - check with your dropshipper to make sure there are no "hidden" extras for processing order or excessive postage fees.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Paypal for all orders and our membership costs are processed through Paypal, although we also accept payment by cheques if you prefer.

How much is membership to

Do you charge a membership fee?
We have always charged a membership fee since we launched in 2002. Our current membership prices are just £19.99 account set-up then just £4.99 annual renewal (no minimum term - cancel at any time).

Is there any contract or can I cancel my membership at any time?
There is NO MINIMUM CONTRACT so you can cancel at any time if you decide to close your dropshippng account and not have to pay another penny in subscription fees.

Ever wondered why some dropshippers have received lots of NEGATIVE REVIEWS on the Internet?

They don't
Answer their telephone or reply to emails. At we're constantly told we are the first UK dropshipper who's answered the phone when customers ring our UK telephone number (0161 408 1 007).
They don't
Allow for decent profits. A regular complaint is that members can buy products cheaper from the likes of Amazon etc cheaper than they can from the dropshipping company after signing up with them.
They aren't
Honest about their prices. Some dropshippers claim to offer staggering discounts on their products before members sign-up only to offer small discounts in reality once customers have paid their membership fees.
They don't
Offer any exlusivity. Some dropshippers don't charge membership fees and allow anyone to become a member (for free). This floods the market with lots of people trying to sell the same products for a similar price - none of which will ever be cheaper than the original dropshipper (unless a member is happy to sell at a loss that is)
Their products are
Always out of stock. Many people have complained about their dropshipper never having any stock despite advertising popular, low cost products on their websites.
They don't
Process orders quick enough. We know how frustrating it can be to have made a sale & placed your order only to see it take days or even weeks to be processed but this is unfortunately another common complaint in online forums.

How it works at . . . . .

Once you've decided that dropshipping is the perfect opportunity for you to start your own home based business it is time to sign up with a dropshipper.

After reading the advice above we hope you'll come to the conclusion that there is no better place to start than where we offer decent profit margins on our products, are happy to speak to people on the telephone, promptly answer emails, process orders in a timely manner and don't over-charge on our postage & packaging prices.

On top of that we've had thousands of members since starting the website in 2002 yet you'll be happy to know we aren't one of the names constantly popping up on dropshipping forums for poor service!

. . . . . So how does it work?

  1. Sign-up as a member of paying the £19.99 new account fee and we'll manually set you up with a trade account. There are no other fees to pay for your membership except an annual renewal fee of £4.99 (no minimum contract - cancel any time)

  2. You will be set-up with your own dropshipping account, allowing you access to special dropship prices which are exclusively available to members only.

  3. Take a look around the site, choosing which products you would like to start selling. Our site lists two prices: the price you pay and a suggested retail price. Feel free to order products for your own use to test the order process and/or benefit from the low prices yourself!!

  4. When you make a sale and take payment for an order simply visit the members area of to inform us of the product/s ordered and the delivery address.

  5. You pay us the special dropship price and we'll send the order directly to your customer in plain wrapping with no mention of!

. . . . . It's as easy as that!

Your profit is the difference between the price the customer paid you and the price you pay us for the order. Unlike with affiliate schemes, there is no waiting to be credited for the sale - you've already received your profit directly into your bank (or Paypal account etc).

All our dropshipping orders are sent under plain wrap with no mention of so you're customer will think the order came direct from you and will no doubt return to you for repeat orders!

I understand I will pay just £49.99 £19.99 for account activation. Should I wish to renew my subscription after 12 months there is a £4.99 renewal fee.

If I'm not entirely happy with my account I can cancel my subscription at any time.

There are no cancellation fees to pay if you choose to end your membership!

I understand that by cancelling my subscription my Dropshipping account will be closed and I will no longer be able to access the special dropship prices.

. . . . . What products do you sell?

A rather obvious question to ask before signing up "What products do sell?". Well, we've already said the typical profit margins of our products are 40%-60% but what type of products do you sell? sells a range of gadgets, toys and games to our members. In order to view the full range of products and their prices be sure to sign-up as a member or alternatively you may be interested in our FREE MEMBERSHIP OFFER.

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Our guarantee to you is simple:
If you're not happy with your membership you can cancel your subscription at any time and won't have to pay us another penny - no cancellation fees, ever!

We can't say fairer than that. Truth be told, you'll be so happy to be making money running your new online business that you'll start to question why our membership prices are so low!